Marisa Aveling - Warby Parker


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"Own the eclipse," we said. "How?" asked Warby Parker.

With a moody '80s remake of Bonnie Tyler's classic directed by Kyle Sauer, featuring lyrics I was lucky enough to give a cosmic rewrite.

With 100,000 pairs of solar glasses available at stores nationally, and boxheads to help people see the eclipse safely and clearly.


(Warby's customer service team had the busiest day in company history thanks to people calling in asking about solar eclipse glasses — 17,573 calls in one day.)

With a really nice eclipse site featuring educational (and fun) gifs and a pinhole camera template that people actually downloaded and used.

With a party at Warby's only store in the path of totality (Nashville), live soundtracked by a score composed by the Alias Chamber Ensemble especially for it.

Made with DD Elizabeth Dilk, designers Greg Kimball and Tina Smith, and ECD Anthony Sperduti at Partners & Spade.