Zaha Hadid

Sell something that doesn't exist. That was the task given to us in developing the branding, identity, and collateral for visionary architect Zaha Hadid’s first permanent building in New York City

I was the copy lead for this project, crafting all of the language and written material that came along with it. The best part of all was flying down to interview Zaha in Miami, which was magic. Our conversation became the narrative thread for a short film we created about her building’s design. 

An artist monograph was given to highest potential buyers in order to sell them on the idea of Zaha Hadid as an artist, rather than the sell the property itself.

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A residence book was an informational piece created with an editorial point of view to keep things elevated, instead of "selly."


We also translated the majority of the residence book content into a teaser and full site.


Creative Direction


Jules Tardy, Designer
Christian Cervantes, DD
for Mother Design.