Marisa Aveling

Interdisciplinary writer and editor. Advertising, branding, naming, publishing, film, journalism. Diligently working on more. Based in New York by way of Perth, Australia. As that distance implies, willing to travel.


Sold a Zaha Hadid building that didn’t exist. Convinced Warby Parker and Arby’s to make roast beef lens cloths. Won a Webby for a film on how creativity can set you free. Made a book about a SF church that hails John Coltrane as its patron saint. Turned hypebeasting into fundraising. Wrote a story on Cuba’s music scene for Pitchfork, shared by the New Yorker.



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Nike, Airbnb, Lululemon,
Partners & Spade/Mythology (Coca-Cola Company, Casper, Warby Parker), Baque Creative (Fenty), Mother New York (Target, 1 Hotels), COLLINS (Twitch, Warner Music), Gretel (Nike)